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About Teclab Management Services Ltd

Who are we?

Teclab is a Human Resource Management Specialist dedicated to human resource services and management. Founded on a philosophy and style that has positioned her to consistently provide a reliable and effective work force as well as manage total overhaul, re-engineering and training services to her numerous clients since 2006.

Our professional operation is driven by our intent and values. At the heart of this lies a passion for development and realization of potential, at both the organizational and individual level. We partner our clients in the recruitment, management, development, administration and retention of staff, employing practical state-of-the-art methods and interventions, at economic value-added prices.

Many years of human resource line-management experience provides Teclab with the capability and capacity to place ourselves in our client’s shoes, grasping in-depth knowledge and understanding of their business issues as well as frustrations experienced in the management of staff and the associated administrative processes and systems.

Why Choose Teclab Management Agency?

At Teclab we are guided by a principle that extols and endorses self development, team work, quality and excellence. Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

Customer Service Activities

Everyone is interested in growth and development, and there is no better way to know if progress and best practice is being employed within the organisation except a third / private eye mechanism is set in place to give feedback and understand internal workings.

Human Resources Management

We do not only outsource candidates but we give you the best with exceptional skills

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