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At Teclab we are guided by a principle that extols and endorses self development, team work, quality and excellence. Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

There are a number of other pieces that make up the Human Resources puzzle. Fitting these pieces together properly will ensure that you manage your human resources effectively – critical for the performance of any successful company.

Teclab can help you with:

  • Outsourced HR Management
  • Design and implementation of HR Policies and Procedures
  • Human Resource Systems – performance management, job evaluations, job profiling
  • Industrial Relations Support – disciplinary process, chairing hearings

Surveys estimate that as much as 25-33% of applicants make false claims on their resumes or applications. Educational qualification, Lengths of employment, past salary, and past job titles are the most commonly falsified pieces of information.

Given how frequently applicants falsify application materials, how devastating a “wrongful hire” can be to an organization, and the risk of negligent hiring, it is very important that employers carry out frequent background checks on their employees and applicants.

At TECLAB, we ensure that our Background Check / Information Verification process is well detailed and error free. We employ the use of the best hands in the field to verify all levels of information irrespective of distance and location.

Our concept of Information Verification covers the comprehensive set of goals, tools, systems and structures for running a business; and we provide fast, efficient, cost-effective and value-driven full- service background check to support Human Capital Development.

Our check covers the following:

  • Previous employers and personal reference check
  • Guarantors and Referees Information
  • Address confirmation and tracking report
  • Personality check / Vital documents verification
  • Educational/professional certificates verification

Everyone is interested in growth and development, and there is no better way to know if progress and best practice is being employed within the organisation except a third / private eye mechanism is set in place to give feedback and understand internal workings. Such anonymous but effective private eye, gives useful feedback that helps to monitor staff activities as well as the health of products and services over a period of time.

Many scholars and practitioners in the field of management believe in the effectiveness of feedback mechanism for improving performance. We generally assume that outcomes such as job performance will improve as a result of feedback, especially when compared with the performance of employees who neither receive nor give feedback.

With reference to past experiences and in line with the current reorganization processes embarked on by Teclab Management Service for her various clients, we have carefully designed an effective Feedback mechanism as an anonymous company with the main aim of boosting performance, and ultimately increasing the profit margin.

The feedback mechanism has been designed to meet the following needs:

 Feedback on Staff Activities:

  • Provide data about the quality and effectiveness of their efforts.
  • Give useful information on forgery, racketeering etc
  • Ensure that reports on, about or against staff are verified and appropriate control, disciplinary, reward  measures put in place to encourage others

Products & Service Health Check;

  • This system will encourage customers to give real time information and complaints as well as useful feedback on staff and services
  • Customers will receive response to complaints within 24hours of receipt.

One of Teclab’s principal businesses is the recruitment, training, deployment and management of high quality personnel to diverse industries and locations.

We do not only outsource candidates but we give you the best with exceptional skills. We manage complete HR activities for your organization thereby giving you room to concentrate on areas of core competence.

We outsource very senior staff members at various management levels and administrative staff. We have helped a sizeable number of clients put additional feet on the street Nationwide to push their retail products with great success.

We provide our clients with appropriate personnel and professional people management outsourcing services for different categories of staff.


1. Corporate Training: We offer unique training services to Corporate and private clients. These Trainings are based either on careful assessment of the company and its training requirements or on specific briefs from YOU. These could be industry or corporate specifics. Our crop of professional facilitators who are experts in various fields, are on hand to give remarkable results.

Our Training techniques include lectures, film clips, role plays, case studies, syndicate group discussions, interactive sessions, assignments and practical training. We train people in all levels of management in the organization including: Officers, Supervisors, Managers, Senior Managers and Executive training, Public /Corporate Personnel.

2. Teclab Capacity Development Training: Our Pre-employment Training is an intensive programme that equips graduates with skills, knowledge, attitude & necessary tools that would enable them play a positive and meaningful role in the society and thus enhance their success of being employed and retaining their jobs.

The training has been specially designed to help participants have a clearer career focus which would improve their areas of specialization, enhance job placement and self-employment possibilities while increasing their networking abilities.

3. Staff Induction, Retreats, Seminars & Conferences: At Teclab our continuous research and interest in Various development and People issues gets us involved in quarterly Seminars, locally and internationally on very relevant and extremely critical subjects towards the enhancement and growth of the Corporate world and our environment. We facilitate retreats for organizations and handle all new staff on- boarding process and induction programmes.


The Payroll Management System of every organisation deals with the financial aspects of employee’s wages, allowances, deductions, benefits, compensation and generation of pay-slips for a specific period.

Simple as it may sound, this work strand / unit or function has caused huge problems and severe headaches for management over the years.

Teclab thus, as part of improving her people management services every day and taking the burden off management has come up with the PM. An outstanding benefit of the PMS is its easy implementation.

The main objective of the system is to take over the salary payment of employees. Create an effective payroll system that would provide confidentiality, manage payroll with ease and accuracy for every employee in an organization and generate reports accordingly in no time which is convenient, time saving and more importantly with zero chances of error.


TECLAB’s PMS system offers the management of:

  • Employee information efficiently. towards eradicating the issue of disgruntled staff who knows what every other person earns and who is over appraising himself for a salary he cannot deliver on
  • All statutory deductions and payables will be managed by TMSL, thus the burden of dealing with the agencies would have been taken away from you
  • All financial matters of your personnel: allowances, loan records and repayments, bonuses, commissions, increments etc.
  • The generation and distribution of payslips to all employees and monthly reports in accordance to management requirement.
  • Generate reports in accordance with management requirements.

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At Teclab we are guided by a principle that extols and endorses self development, team work, quality and excellence

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