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20 Apr

Handling Employment Gaps on Your Resume

Hiding gaps, dissembling about negative reasons for gaps and failing to upgrade skills when you are out of work are all no-no’s. One of the tasks we do quite often is provide clients help with their recruitment. In an average week, we look at hundreds of resumes. And from what we’ve

03 Apr

Here’s how to cope with a lousy boss

Hating the manager is one of the top reasons people quit. Here’s how to cope with a lousy boss: A 2015 Gallup study revealed that half of the 7,272 people surveyed left their job at some point “to get away from their manager,” highlighting not just the difficulties of poor

29 Mar

4 Interview Mistakes Smart People Make Everyday

Since you are reading this article, I’ll assume that you’re a proactive job seeker who knows the ropes by heart. For instance, you would never show up at an interview without fresh copies of your CV, interesting questions to ask the recruiter and a working knowledge of what the company

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